Partner Guide : Cobranding - Theme guide for the Handpoint app

This guide sums up all the requirements to be able to theme the Handpoint app. There are two theming options available for partners/merchants:

  1. Partner/merchant logo on payment screen and receipt

  2. Partner/merchant logo on payment screen and receipt, as well as full colour theme of screens and buttons as described below.

Please contact your account manager for commercials for app theming.


Handpoint has an intuitive, simple-to-use yet powerful app that enables any merchant (from pop-ups to big retailers) to accept payments instantly and securely. As a way to provide the same seamless experience to our partners’ customers, the app can be customized to include the partner’s logo and even colours. Thus, offer the same simple user experience with some of their own branding.

List of colours and fields to provide to the Handpoint integration team. Copy or Download to edit


Logos provided to Handpoint should be in SVG format. If SVG is not possible, a transparent PNG of max 100px of height would be required. Handpoint typically requires two logos, one that works for darker backgrounds and one for lighter ones.

Where will my logo appear in the App ?

  1. On the numerical keypad in standalone mode

  2. On the cloud ready screen in integrated mode

  3. At the bottom of the settings screen ( along with “powered by Handpoint”)





Format example → --theme-image-logo: url('');







Links to your website

Handpoint allows partners to add links to their website, user guides or FAQs directly in the settings of the app. For PAX devices, a QR code is generated to be scanned with a phone because the terminals do not have internet browsers installed for security reasons.


The logo appearing on the receipt will be the same one as in the payment application, it is also possible to not display any logo on the receipts if required. At this point in time it is not possible to display a merchant specific logo on the receipt.

This is how the logo on the receipt looks rendered as HTML in the Handpoint app:


For payment devices with a printer, this the printed version of it:


Background colors:

There are background patterns that can be modified or removed.

--theme-bg-pattern-background: (Transparent white pattern with transparent background for dark backgrounds)

--theme-bg-pattern-background-inverted: (Transparent grey pattern with transparent background for light backgrounds)

The following backgrounds are defined as a gradient color and the format to define them is “linear-gradient(‘inclination in deg’, ’color 1’, ‘color 2’)” where ‘color1’ is the bottom color and ‘color 2’ is the upper color (if you want to have a solid background color, you can choose color 1 = color 2).

Format example → linear-gradient(0deg, #2c3059, #303b70);

--theme-gradient-bg: Used in onboarding, payment status and filter period.

--theme-gradient-clean: Used in currency, device and language configurations.


--theme-keyboard-background: The background for the numeric-keyboard (this is white in the screenshots below)



--theme-keyboard-text-button-color (this is orange in the keyboard screenshot above)

--theme-keyboard-button-active-color (when the user taps an amount, the digit key briefly changes colour, although this is not necessary. An example is the number “5” key in the example above)

--theme-keyboard-button-border (this is light grey in the keyboard screenshot above)

--theme-pay-button-color (the button CHARGE in the screenshot above)


--theme-gradient-success: background for success actions.

--theme-gradient-error: background for error actions.

--theme-gradient-warn: background for warning actions.



The backgrounds described above can be combined with the background pattern.










Action colors: 








The button colors are defined by their type of action









--theme-color-light: Light color is also for the list divider 

--theme-color-placeholder: The label of the divider

--theme-color-super-light: Super light color is for odd items from the list and even items are white.
















--theme-keyboard-button-border: format example → --theme-keyboard-button-border: 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, .1) solid;


Pay Button:

--theme-keyboard-button-pay-color: Pay button color when it is active

--theme-keyboard-button-pay-inactive-color: Pay button color when it is inactive

--theme-keyboard-button-pay-inactive-opacity: Opacity (button inactive) between 0 and 1




--theme-screen-background-image: Format example → linear-gradient(0deg, #2c3059, #303b70);

--theme-screen-text-color: The text on the screen.

















toast messages




--theme-clean-text-color: texts and icons with --theme-gradient-clean
















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