Pax A920 Card Reader User Guide



SmartPOS Payments

Pax A920


The Pax A920 is a powerful, portable card reader, running an Android operating system, that accepts highly secure payments as part of the Handpoint Platform.

The Pax A920 can be used together with either the Handpoint app or a full Point of Sale system (in which case, please contact your POS solution provider for support).
This is your quick getting-started guide for your Handpoint SmartPOS Payment solution.


Product Introduction



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Before starting your Handpoint SmartPOS solution with the Pax A920, the card reader should ideally be fully charged.
But beforehand, you need to:

  1. Push the battery cover slide latch (at the back of the card reader) to the right to open

  2. Remove the battery case (lift from the bottom)

  3. Lift out the battery (lift from the bottom)

  4. Remove the battery protective strip from the battery connectors (this is important)

  5. Re-insert the battery and casing, pushing back the cover slide latch to the left

To charge the card reader, plug the micro USB connector to the micro USB port on the left side of the terminal.



Handpoint’s payment platform includes stringent P2PE (point to point encryption) security which protects sensitive card data. But as a merchant you are responsible for the security at the point-of-sale, so at least once in every three months you should inspect your card reader carefully for signs of fraud. Look for examples of signs that the card reader may have been tampered with or substituted.


Getting Started

With the Pax A920, you can choose either Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. See below for the correct steps, depending on which connectivity you want to use.

For Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  1. Turn on the card reader by pressing and holding the power button on the right side for 2-4 seconds

  2. Use the touch screen to bring the settings bar down from the top of the screen. You must pull it all the way down until the settings appear in full with icon names

  3. Select the Wi-Fi name (below the Wi-Fi icon)

  4. Select the toggle switch to enable Wi-Fi

  5. Once the list of available Wi-Fi networks appear, select your desired network

  6. When your card reader has successfully connected to the network, it will confirm this action by displaying “connected” below the network name

For Cellular Connectivity:

You will be provided with a mini-SIM that is exclusively configured for you and likely to be already installed in your card reader.
To check your SIM is already installed, please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure your card reader is turned off using the power button

  2. Push the battery cover slide latch (at the back of the card reader) to the right to open, remove the battery case (lifting from the bottom) and take out the battery (also lifting from the bottom)

  3. Once removed, you should see your SIM card in the SIM1 card slot (on the left-hand side) otherwise insert it here (see the below image)

  4. Re-insert the battery and casing, after which you need to push the cover slide latch back to the left


To activate your cellular connectivity, you will need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Turn on the card reader by pressing and holding the power button on the right side for 2-4 seconds

  2. Select the Settings application and the following steps:

a) enter the password pax9876@@ and click “OK”
 (alternatively the password could be 9876 depending on the hardware)
b) Select “More”
c) Select “Cellular Networks”

d) Select “Access Point Names”

e) Select “+” (plus sign icon in the top-right corner)

f) fill in the following access point (APN) settings:
APN:, Username: sora, 
Password: sora

g) Select the drop-down, dotted icon (three dots icon in the top-right corner)

h) Select “Menu”

i) Select “Save”



The Pax A920 includes an in-built printer for printing receipts with a thermal paper roll. 
Here are the steps for changing the printer paper roll:

  1. On the back of the card reader, pull down the paper lid release leaver and take the whole lid casing away

  2. Remove the paper roll by simply pulling it out of the slot

  3. Insert the new thermal paper roll in the same slot with the glossy side of the paper sheet facing out the top

  4. Pull out around 2 inches of the paper sheet and close the close over it, until the lid snaps into place

  5. Tear off any excess paper

Now your card reader is ready to produce receipts after a transaction.