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Flash Corruption Errors

Also known as a factory reset, it’s a good idea to reset the flash if your card reader isn´t working the way it´s supposed to.

Resetting the flash erases the working memory of the card reader clearing out any corrupted flash. After the flash has been reset on a card reader it needs to fetch the terminal software and terminal configurations again.

Resetting the flash will not cause problems for the card reader.

Resetting the flash:

  1. Press C and ← (back button)

  2. Enter password: 746723 and press OK

  3. Scroll menu using ↓ (down arrow) to Config and press OK

  4. Select “RESET FLASH“  and press OK

  5. Return to the previous menu by pressing C

  6. Scroll down to “Save and Reset“ and press OK

  7. The card reader should now restart

    If this doesn't solve your problem, please contact us.

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