Guide: Providing Support

In this section, you can expect to find the tools to efficiently provide First Level support your merchants with their payment solution. 
Your merchants will therefore have multiple resources to carry out self-help support, including the Card Reader User Guides and FAQs, as well as your knowledge and support for extra troubleshooting.

If, after following the guided steps, there are still some unresolved problems, then please contact your Handpoint Account Manager to escalate the support issue. 

Introduction to Support

First Level Support can be split into multiple tiers:

1) Getting Started

When merchants sign-up for the Handpoint Payment Solution, you should equip them or direct them to the various user guides (for their specific card reader) and frequently asked questions. These could either by those already available on Handpoint's Help Center, or your own white-labelled versions. This ensures that they receive the fundamental knowledge about their solution which they can refer back to as self-help support when getting started and familiarising themselves with how it all works. 


Card Reader User Manuals

Getting Started with the Handpoint mPOS app

Frequently Asked Questions

Card Reader Care Guide

mPOS App Log-in

When your merchants are signing up with their mPOS app (downloaded either from the Play Store or App Store), they will be asked to enter their email address. It is important that this is the same email address as the one they provided to you during the on-boarding process and therefore matches their account in the Terminal Management System (TMS). The merchant will then be automatically sent an email with a verification link, so they will need to check their inbox (or potentially their spam solder) and select this verification link. The mPOS app will prompt them to do this. After the verification link has been selected (and therefore their account has been verified), they can return to the mPOS app which will open up the main screen: the payment page. 

If a merchant receives the message "email not unique" when attempting to use their email address in the mPOS app, please check the following:
1. The merchant is entering the email address correctly
2. The email address is not used by another merchant set up in the TMS 

Bluetooth Pairing with the HiLite Card Reader

Pairing should be easy with the HiLite card reader, but refer to these simple steps if you're not sure.

1. First, though it may seem obvious, don't forget to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled
2. After that, Bluetooth pairing is simply carried out through the Handpoint mPOS App or through the device settings

Is it possible to pair more than one phone with my card reader? It certainly is, but only one at a time. Each time you connect the card reader to a new device, you need to pair it. 

Experiencing problems? Try the following (these steps follow part of the Quick Fixes in the below section):

•Restart the mobile device and the card reader.
•Pair through the device settings instead of the app

If using an iPhone, it may be necessary to first unpair the card reader with the previous phone before attempting to pair with another. This is a common issue that iPhone users run into, and it's not exclusive to our card readers. 

2) Quick Fixes

The most common problems our customers encounter are, thankfully, simpler ones. Helping your merchants and customers learn to try these fixes before they call for support can cut down on total time spent dealing with support issues.

Try the simple solutions first:

If the above have been tried but does not resolve the issue, then please see below for how the merchant can carry out a Flash Reset.

Flash Reset

A flash reset can also be thought of as a factory reset. If your merchant is encountering problems with their card reader, a flash reset is a good go-to solution when re-using a device, when a device being used is showing any kind of processing error, repeating loop errors, or any other general malfunctions. The following steps can also be found in the card reader user guides.

Performing a flash reset:
  1. Press C and ← (back button)
  2. Enter password: 746723 and press OK
  3. Scroll menu using ↓ (down arrow) to Config and press OK
  4. Select “RESET FLASH“  and press OK
  5. Scroll down to “Save and Reset“ and press OK
  6. The card reader should now restart

Remember: always check for software updates after a flash reset

An update is necessary whenever you perform a flash reset or periodically with regular use. The card reader might need to fetch and apply a software update, a config update, or both. The update process depends on the POS software being used. For specific instructions, contact your provider. When an update has started, the card reader will show the status on its screen and may restart. In the case of an error, check both the internet and Bluetooth connectivity before trying again.

3) Context-Based Issues:

It’s important to know:

When Handpoint receives a card reader order, it will be processed with next-day delivery so long as the order was received before 13:00 GMT.
If a card reader is set up with a merchant who then changes their name or email address, their account will need to be updated in Handpoint's Terminal Management System (TMS).
Common Error Messages

Please find below the most common error messages: 

Comm. Error

This error means that there was an error in communication between the card reader and the mPOS app. 
  • Ensure that you are within Bluetooth range
  • Restarting the card reader
  • Disconnecting/reconnecting the Blutetooth connectivity
  • Remove the card reader from the saved Bluetooth devices and repairing

If you are unsure how to carry out the above steps, please see further details here

Network Error/Send Error

Frequently, this error message means that the internet connection is not working properly/inadequate or, in rarer cases, Handpoint's back-end system or the systems it connects to is temporarily out of service
  • Check internet settings
  • Restart the internet connectivity
Processing Error

An unexpected error was encountered during transaction processing.
  • Please retry the operation
Device Not Initialized

The card reader didn't fetch its configuration settings during the initial setup, or there was an error registering the device in the Handpoint system.
  • Try updating the card reader
Bad Request

This is a response message from the processor/acquirer, and could have multiple causes, therefore please proceed to step 4 for Specialist Support.

4) Specialist Support

Contacting Handpoint

If the above steps or the guides do not resolve the problem, then Handpoint is here to deliver extra support for you. In order to assist you, please get in touch and include as much detail about the problem as possible. We will need to please see the following information sent with your support request.

  • Error/Issue description
  • Serial number of the device(s)
  • Company/merchant name
  • What was happening when the error occurred?
  • Time and date of error
  • Type of operating system of the phone/tablet/computer (if applicable)
  • Type of internet connection
  • Handpoint SDK version (if using an integrated point of sale solution)